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Gina G. Holland
Director of Communications
Friends of the NC Maritime Museum
315 Front Street
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November 2017

Dear Friends,

When the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort unveiled its new Blackbeard exhibit in 2011, it was an instant hit. The first weekend saw 5,000 visitors pass through the doors. Since then well over a million visitors have enjoyed the exhibit. Archeologists continued to bring up relics of the pirate’s exploits and deliver them to the state conservation lab on a slow journey to the Museum.
 Beaufort, the permanent home of the Blackbeard artifacts, is planning a series of special events for 2018, which marks the 300th anniversary of the pirate’s demise. At the center of it all will be an all-new, greatly enlarged museum exhibit. Its focal point will be a scale model recreation of Blackbeard’s captain’s cabin. The new exhibit is scheduled to open on June 8, 2018 – 300 years to the day of the grounding of the infamous pirate’s flagship.
Also on display for the first time will be a newly-acquired “Dog-Head Naval Cutlass” dating to 1660-1690. Though not Blackbeard’s own—his would not likely have survived 300 years under the sea—this cutlass is thought to be just what he would have carried. It is a magnificent specimen.
The estimated total cost of the new Blackbeard exhibit is $275,000, towards which the state has appropriated $175,000. The Friends of the Museum have pledged to cover the cost both of constructing the Captain’s Cabin and acquiring the rare Naval Cutlass. Thus, the goal of our 2017 Year-End Special Appeal is to raise $20,000. This is ambitious, but based on experience, we are confident. Our efforts in 2010 raised $127,000 for the present Blackbeard exhibit.
We invite you to help us do our part for this exciting project. The form below shows suggested giving levels, beginning with a $5,000 special gift to fund acquisition and display of the Dog-Head Cutlass.
A donation of any size is most welcome and will help us reach our goal.

David DuBuisson, President
Friends of the Museum

2017 Year-End Appeal

Dedicated to the Museum’s exciting new 
Blackbeard exhibit for 2018.

Underwrite acquisition and exhibition of the 1690 Dog-Head Naval Cutlass 

Giving Levels
Quartermaster           $2,500  
Botswain                      $1,000  
Seaman                           $500
Other Donation ​

“Dog-Head” Naval Cutlass

The Dog-Head cutlass, ca. 1670-1690, is likely to be the style of brass hilted sword ordered by the British Board of Ordnance for issue to sailors. The design is thought to have been influenced by contemporary swords originating in the Dutch East Indies and copied by German and English sword makers. An illustration in Capt. Charles Johnson’s A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates, depicts the pirate Blackbeard armed with this style of dog-head cutlass.
Blackbeard and Queen Anne’s Revenge Exhibit Expansion

The expansion of the exhibit, Blackbeard and Queen Anne’s Revenge, takes advantage of recent scholarship and research to shed new light on history’s most famous pirate, Edward “Blackbeard” Thatch. The exhibit also features many surprising new discoveries and acquisitions that tell us more about Blackbeard, his world, and possibly clues to his motivation in becoming a notorious pirate. Join us in June 2018 as we commemorate the 300th anniversary the events surrounding Blackbeard’s short but memorable career. Centerpiece of the new exhibit will be a life-size replica of the Great Cabin used by Captain Blackbeard aboard his flagship. An artist’s conception of the exhibit is show above.